31 July 2014

Here Goes Nothing

Over the past several months, people have been commenting to me that I was losing weight. I usually nodded in acknowledgement, but seeing as the scale wasn't budging that much, I really wasn't getting it.

In May, when I decided to get serious about getting fit and being the best I could be, I decided I was going to take pics at the end of every month so that I would be able to see my progress. So I pulled out a favorite bikini, grabbed my iPhone and clicked.

Meh. I realized I had some work to do to get back to where I wanted to be.

After 30 days, I took another shot at the end of June. At this point I had begun running again after being shut down due to an Achilles injury. The scale was fluctuating +/- 5 pounds for most of this time frame.

In early July, I started working with a personal trainer twice a week with the goal of getting strong enough that I would be able to complete a Spartan next year as well as becoming a better/stronger runner. I went into this knowing there wouldn't be dramatic changes overnight, but that it would be slow and steady progress to getting stronger.

Today, I grabbed my bikini and iPhone to snap another pic.

I was amazed at the small but significant changes in my body - particularly in my midsection. As much as I hate some of the exercises he puts me through (turtle spins, anyone?), there is definitely progress being made.

The scale is down 10 pounds from when I started working with my trainer, but I'm more impressed with the fact that I'm getting stronger and losing inches.

I'm a girl who couldn't do a single push-up before - and in the past 30 days, I'm managed to do more than I care to count. Yes, I still rest my knees, but baby steps.

I can't wait to see what another 30 days brings.