01 May 2014

Run Pig Run

I'm back in Cincinnati this weekend to run in some of the Flying Pig Marathon events. Not the full or even half on Sunday, but the 10K and 5K races on Saturday and the Little Kings Mile on Friday night. 

I've been battling an Achilles injury and thus have been shut down for a bit. While I'm feeling better, I know I need to take it slow as I don't want to injure myself more severely. However, I want to run! 

I got some KT tape yesterday and after taping myself up, I'm already feeling a difference. I'm hoping this will be enough to get me through the races. I don't plan to go out hard, but I do plan to use Friday night's mile to see how I feel and determine how I will attack Saturday's races. If I end up walking, I'm ok with that. I just want to finish and get my medals. 

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