13 April 2014

Always on the Run

Another weekend, another race.

So my racing season has begun in earnest - three weeks in and I've got a half, a 5K, and an 8K under my belt.

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day to run. I had been toying yesterday with switching to the half in lieu of the 8K, but am glad I stayed where I was.

I finished in 1:10:30 - a little slower than I wanted to do, but I finished.

The first two miles of the race were tough. My legs did not want to move and working through miles 2-3 were difficult. By mile 4 though, I had new legs and found running through Buccleugh Park was easier this time around (compared to when I ran it during The Big Chill back in November 2013).

The best thing about this race was being greeted at the finish line by my friend Rebecca, who was volunteering. I met her through a group of crafters and after years of being online friends, we finally met at the Big Chill last year. She was there to greet me, give me a hug and a much needed bottle of water. It was the best finish line celebration I've experienced to date.

Next up: Flying Pig weekend in Cincinnati where I will attempt to complete 3 races in 2 days (1 mile, 5K, 10K). I am having a hard time not adding the Flying Pig half to my weekend as well.

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