19 December 2013

Handmade Christmas

One of my traditions, be it Christmas or birthday, is to give a handmade gift along with a purchased gift. Over the years I've spent hours working on various projects, sometimes not finishing them until the night before the event.

Over the summer I started dating someone new - the wine guy. I'd already made him a set of placemats in a autumnal color scheme which we use regularly when I'm over there for dinner.

I wasn't planning to make him another set, but when I found this fabric, I just had to do it. He once commented to me that everything in his house was wine related. Well, he didn't have wine related placemats - until now.  I decided to make matching napkins as well though I only completed two - the others are coming. (There's also a matching apron for me in progress.)

We exchanged gifts last weekend (since I'm going to be out of town Christmas week). They were definitely a hit with him.  I haven't had dinner at his place since then, but I look forward to seeing these placemats on the table.