21 October 2013

Another Weekend, Another Race

If it's Saturday, it's likely I'm running a race somewhere. This past weekend was no exception. We turned it into a girls' weekend in Atlantic City as me and two of my sorority sisters went down to do The Color Run together.

As this was a non-competitive race, I made the decision early on that I was not going to run this - instead, it would be a fun time with my two girlfriends - both of which do 5K races with me, but one who is a walker, not a runner. That said, it didn't diminish from the fun factor.

We decked ourselves out in tutus, tiaras, faery wings, and wands. By the time we made it through the four color stations, we were covered head to toe with yellow, orange, pink, and blue - some of us more blue than others.

The three of us had a blast and decided over the post-race breakfast that we would make this a regular event - a girls' weekend doing The Color Run (or one of the fun non-competitive 5K events) each year.  In fact, I think we've got a weekend picked out for 2014 already.

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