30 August 2013

Something for Him

Last Friday I went over to K's house for dinner. I enjoy these evenings of us together in the kitchen. It's usually a he cooks, I clean deal, though last week I prepped most of the dinner and let him be the grill master.

I had prepared a rosemary ranch marinade for chicken (note: used a little honey in lieu of sugar and grilled them as breasts, not kabobs) and grabbed some fresh corn and zucchini from the farm stand that morning. I also made the amazing lemon basil potato salad my sister turned me on to in May, so we had helluva spread before us.

As I was setting the table, he commented that he really needed more placemats.

Well, if you date a crafty girl and say something like that, she's gonna do something about it. 

After work on Monday I stopped by the quilt store. I wanted something that complemented the paint in both his kitchen and dinning room (gold and burgundy respectively) and wasn't too feminine. I found some fabrics I liked, grabbed a bit of each and came home and got busy. 

It wasn't without issue - I made a couple of rookie mistakes and became intimately acquainted with my seam ripper (again) but eventually I finished four reversible placemats. I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out and hope that he'll like them as much as I do. 

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