16 June 2013

Sweet Dreams

Last weekend, I attempted to make a pillowcase using the 'burrito' method. I had printed instructions, but until I found this video on YouTube, I couldn't make sense on how to roll it up correctly.

I managed to complete one pillowcase last weekend, and learnt how to do a French Seam in the process. (So easy, not sure why I didn't know how to do one before.)

The first pillowcase had some minor issues, which I can live with. This weekend I sat down and made a second matching case which turned out much better. (As with anything, practice makes perfect.)

I think they look quite lovely with my grey sheets.
I also figured out how to fix the one glaring mistake from my first attempt and while it's not exactly pretty, it's fixed and better than it was. 

I didn't stop there either. I pulled out some pretty batik fabric and made a second set of pillowcases. These were quick to stitch up compared to the first set. I think I may have the technique down pat. 
This photo doesn't capture the dark blue in the batik very well. It's the reason I choose the dark blue fabric for the cuff. If I were to do these again (which I very well might since I have more of that batik fabric), I would use the dark blue as the accent piece and gold fabric for the cuff. 

I washed and ironed more yards of fabric than I want to count this weekend.  However, I'm ready to go when inspiration strikes -- provided I want to use the fabric I have on hand. 

Next project: quilted pot holders. Or maybe a second attempt at placemats

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