04 April 2010

What's one food you'll never eat again?

Peppers - green, red, orange or yellow. I got sick on pepper steak on a flight to Florida 30+ years ago and never again will peppers or any food containing peppers cross my lips. I can't even stand the smell if someone at my table (or even a neighboring table) is eating a dish with peppers.

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lorem ipsum said...

I have eaten stuff I swore I wouldn't. I had mushrooms, which I hate, because I was in love with someone who thought steak cooked with mushrooms was amazing. The other day I shared a sushi roll despite my fear of cochineal extract (bug juice). But there's one thing I KNOW I wouldn't eat even if starving: grits.

I was on a trip with my family in Missouri, I think, when we went to one of those country buffet breakfasts. Everything looked positively revolting except my favorite food in the whole wide world at the time...hash browns! They weren't that well done, but they looked good enough to me. So I loaded up my plate with hash browns, got it to my table and took a forkful. It was NOT hash browns. I nearly threw up.

In ensuing years people have insisted that what I tasted that day could not POSSIBLY have been grits, but that's what the waitress told me they were. They must've been extra coarse. Years later, also on vacation, a waitress (different place) spilled a bowl of hot grits on a favorite London Fog raincoat and despite repeated dry cleanings, the stain never came out.