20 March 2010

Spring Has Sprung

First Day of Spring 2010
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A gorgeous day here in Jersey - mid-70s, sunny, not a cloud in the sky. After the weather we had in February/early March, this weather is MUCH appreciated

We rounded up the pups and took them over to the dog beach in Manasquan this afternoon. They had a ton of run, running up and down the beach, sniffing the other dogs (and being sniffed in return). This two-legged person had a lot of fun just watching her dogs run with joy on the sand. Spent about an hour there letting them 'blow the stink off' before we headed back home. I'm watching NCAA basketball, the pups are conked out on the floor.

Tomorrow is to be another beautiful day - so perhaps I'll load the dogs up in the car and take them over to the reservoir for a walk. Then again, I might just want to sit on the patio and reposition the TV so I can watch basketball. I know this weather is too good to last, but at least I don't have snow like some of my friends back in the midwest. Keep it, please.

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