14 March 2010

Noah Built an Arky, Arky

It's only rained two days and nights, but I think we've had enough for forty days/nights already. Most of the state is flooded and it's just downright nasty out there. No day for woman or beast to be out - though the girls and I did take a walk around the block this morning pre-deluge. Seems like the perfect day to stay inside, watch movies and stitch.

I pulled out some of the UFOs which I blogged about in my last post. Once I started working on Kitty Cat Row, I realized WHY it was a UFO (unfinished object for those not in the know). It's worked over one -- on either 28 ct or 32 ct linen. WTH was I thinking? Even in my younger days with excellent eyesight I was never a fan of over one on anything greater than 25 ct linen. Surely I must have had a momentary laspe of reason. So I chucked that aside and picked up a new cut of linen to use. I saw on someone else's blog that they did this design on blue fabric, so I have a cut of 28 ct Little Boy Blue Cashel to stitch it on. Today's gonna be the day I start it.

Put a few more stitches in Sam Sarah's One Fine Day as well. Not so certain I'm gonna like this piece when all's said and done. My flowers look like one big muddled blotch of color. It may require some backstitching to get things to pop - and I don't like backstitching. I'll keep plugging away on it as I did love the design when I purchased it and I've already invested a significant amount of time on it.

Love (Turquoise Designs) is progressing nicely. After a major project at work which required a lot of mouse clicking, my carpal tunnel flared up in my right wrist. As a result, I took a break from stitching and didn't touch anything for several weeks. I pulled this out at my stitch-n-bitch lunch group this week and put a few more stitches in it. If I work on it today, I just might be able to finish off the O...

Though the weather here is craptacular, I am filled with excitement. Besides it being Selection Sunday (I live for the NCAA Tournament, even when Indiana isn't playing), tonight's the premiere of The Pacific on HBO. Even though I'm not overly fond of war movies, I've been anxious for this since I saw a trailer last fall. Loved Band of Brothers, so I can't wait to see how Hanks/Speilberg present the war in the Pacific. Don't bother me after 6 PM tonight - I'm gonna park my ass in my recliner and have my eyes glued to the TV.

Lo - there's a bright yellow orb in the sky. Is that the sun? Perhaps today will not be a total wash afterall. It's still raining, but one can hope that it stops?

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