24 February 2010


WIP: Love by Turquoise Graphics & Designs (24 Feb 10)
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Wow - realized I hadn't shared my progress on Love in a few weeks. I've completed V and E, otherwise I haven't touched it much in the past few weeks. I was working on a major project at work which was due last Friday. The project is done but my carpal tunnel flared up, so I haven't really felt much like needlework despite it being my right wrist that aches and I'm a left-handed stitcher. Still need to figure out where my splints are so I can wear them and get through this.

Besides work, life's just been crazy here - snow, snow and more snow. Another storm is bearing down on us now. Depending on which forecast you look at we're to get between 3-18" between now and Friday. I honestly don't remember seeing this much snow in winter for years; probably since I lived in Michigan. As much as I'm sick of hearing my husband mutter, "I should be in Florida", I'm beginning to think that's not a bad idea. I like snow, don't get me wrong, but I've had enough for now.

The newest market releases are available and after reading the various market reports, I've got a list of 'gotta haves' as long as my arm. However, I'm attempting to focus on stitching from my stash this year. I've slipped a bit (damn you, Lizzie Kate, for such cute designs!), but from this point forward - no new charts! At least not until I stitch some more of what I've got in the massive stash.

Finally got back to yoga this week and it kicked my ass! It wasn't the gentle yoga I usually go to, a normal Hatha Yoga session, and though I was able to do most of the poses, by the end of the 1h, 15m class, I was physically exhausted. Mentally, it was what I needed - it really got my head back where it needed to be. So, I'm re-establishing that routine and feeling better about myself.

I've also been going through my closets, purging the old clothes, sundry items that I've never used or will never use, and Freecycling them. It's been remarkably freeing to declutter and pass stuff along to a person who can use it. I've got another pile of stuff to list, but with this miserable weather, I've been hesitant to list since people may have difficulty getting out to pick it up.

The big day is Monday - I go back to the GYN for the colposcopy. I'm calmer about it than I was a month ago when she called to say my pap was abnormal. What will be, will be - and I'm thinking positively that it will be nothing. So, deep breaths and keep calm until I get my results.

In the meantime, perhaps being snowed in will let me finally catch up with what's on the DVR. I've got about 6 episodes of 'Dollhouse' left, not to mention '24' from the past two weeks. One can always hope, right?

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