11 February 2010

The Morning After

The Morning After - Part Deux
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After shoveling out last night beofre nightfall, we woke to another 6" or so on the ground this morning. Additionally, the plows came through and left a pile of 'ice balls' and snow at the foot of our driveway. I swear it was taller than me at its highest point.

Two and a half hours of shoveling later, the drive was clear so I took the dogs for a walk before heading into work. It's a ghost town here today - maybe 35-40 people here and a good chunk of them are in a mega meeting. It would be an ideal day to accomplish things, but for the fact that the special project I'm working on (with a deadline of tomorrow!) can't be completed because I don't have the proper permissions to edit documents in a certain network folder. You'd think working for a technology company we'd have our act together...

It's an amazingly beautiful winter day though. The sky is brilliant blue, the snow is dazzlingly white and not too cold. I'm hoping to get out of work and home before dusk falls so I can take the girls for another walk around the block.

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