10 February 2010

Another Day, Another Snowstorm

Snowmaggedon - Part Deux
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For the second time in less than a week, we've been hit by a massive snowstorm.

When I woke there were several inches of wet, heavy snow on the ground which we shoveled. By mid-morning the snow stopped and the rain/sleet set in. It was mild enough that we went out to grab a bit of lunch and to allow me to stop at AC Moore to pick up a replacement skein of floss to replace the one that went walkabout this morning. (I used the snow day to work a little more on my current cross-stitch project.)

By late afternoon, the snow returned, falling fast. By 4:30 PM we were out there shoveling another 5-6" before it got dark. I took the dogs for a walk before nightfall and came back to help finish clearing the driveway. After that was complete and we made a dent in the pile left there courtesy of the snowplow. The rest can wait until morning.

I love snow, but 2+ feet in less than a week is just a little much, especially when I'm doing this much shoveling. Then again, it is a good way to burn some calories.

Forecast is calling for more snow on Monday. Please tell me it's not another nor'easter. I don't think I can take another substantial snow this soon.

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