01 January 2010

She's Alive!!!

After several days of feverish dreams of my own death (in various mundane and gruesome ways), sleeping 16-20 hours/day, and eating little to nothing, I am back amongst the alive and healthy.

I first started feeling 'off' after eating at the Chinese buffet on Christmas Day. Saturday I was just blah, but Sunday afternoon it hit me. I was in Pepboys, waiting to pick up my car (dropped off for oil change) and called Mark with an urgent plea, "Come get me. I'm sick." I made it to the restroom and added my own sickness to the layer of grime. Trust me folks, if you gotta get sick, don't let it be a Pepboys. I wish I had been at Target. Once I got home, I crawled into bed wearing sweats and piled high with layers of blankets. Slept until mid-evening when I got up and took some Tylenol before hightailing it back to bed.

Woke around 4 AM, sheets drenched with sweat and head pounding. Called work to inform them I wouldn't be in and after hydrating myself, slid back under the covers. When I woke around 10 AM, I tried to eat a little toast (unsuccessfully) and watch a little television. Couldn't keep my eyes open, so I returned to my toasty bed - welcome as I was suffering from chills. My day continued - sleep/wake, sweats/chills. I rose briefly around dinner time, but once again wasn't able to hold any food down, so I called it a night early and went back to bed.

Early Tuesday morning, I woke again, sheets drenched and head pounding. I knew I wasn't better so made the obligatory call to work. Fell back asleep and slept until 10 AM when I called the doctor's office with my symptoms and they advised me to come in. I had neither the full run of symptoms of flu (hope not - I had a shot earlier in the year), nor mono yet the doc drew blood to rule out a few things. I had entered my symptoms on WebMD and the constant diagnoses were mono or perimenopause. In short, the doc ordered me off work until Friday (New Year's Day) - but since my office is closed, that means Monday. I made a stop at the supermarket to pick up juice, Gatorade, and some other bland foods before returning home. Just that little adventure drained me, so back to bed I went.

Wednesday was pretty much a repeat of the previous days: sleep, eat, vomit, drink, sleep, eat, vomit, drink, sleep, eat, vomit, drink. I really don't have much recollection of these days - the bits I do remember still feel as though I was in a dream. Thursday started out as a repeat of the previous days, but by the time I woke from my power nap at dinner time, I was feeling better. Not well enough to go out and be with people, but enough to settle into my recliner for a True Blood marathon before switching over to see Ryan & Dick and the NYE celebration in Times Square. (I was happy to be in my warm house versus the crowd there.)

This morning, I awoke at 10 AM and it's like a switch was flipped. No soaked sheets, no pounding headache, able to get out of bed easily (no taking me 90 minutes to get dressed) - could it be the bug was gone? As the minutes ticked by and I continued to feel well, I grew bold and went to shower and dress and head out to movie. Husband called as I was leaving and I met him for lunch instead. (He played w/ the pipe band at the Polar Bear Plunge in Asbury Park. I had planned to do it, but the events of the week wiped that idea out of my mind. There's always next year.) Lunch was great, no ill-effects afterwards. I think I am back.

Spending the afternoon/watching college football - my ideal way to spend New Year's Day. Hoping tomorrow finds me just a little stronger.


lorem ipsum said...

Wow, we were marveling at your recall, even though you seemed to be in such a stupor you didn't know day/night, Wednesday/Thursday etc. Has it really been a week? In any case, I really do hope the bug is GONE and you will just get stronger and stronger.

P.S. Yes, you did get rid of 'the bug.' When I was a kid I'd hear 'you have a bug' and I thought if I just sneezed right, coughed hard enough or whatever the offending 'bug' would be expelled and I'd be fine. Evidence always seemed to bear this out!

Nic said...

Glad to hear you're sounding better. Sounds like norovirus/winter vomiting virus - very common over here, they've had to close a couple of wards at our local hospitals because of it, visitors bringing the bug in!

Kath said...

That was some bug Marci, glad to hear you are all mended. Nothing like feeling better after being sick if you get my drift.

So Happy New year dear friend, hope 2010 will be a good one for you.