05 January 2010

New Year's Start

WIP: Spooky Sheep
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One of the traditions my NYC stitching group (aka MetroStitchers) has is to start a new project to honor those stitchers who are no longer with us. Even though I was sicker than a dog the days leading up to New Year's Day, I managed to ruffle through my stash that afternoon and find a kit that was screaming to be stitched.

With a few minutes here and a few minutes there, I've managed to accomplish this much on Spooky Sheep from (who else?) Shepherd's Bush. It's a little piece -- just need to finish the stack of pumpkins to the right, a couple stars above the lamb, and a row of satin stitch below. So maybe another hour or two and I'll have my first finish of 2010. Once I finish this, it's back to Lizzie Kate's ABC Christmas. Sadly, I have hardly touched it since Thanksgiving.

Once I finish up these two pieces, perhaps I can start dreaming of my next project - or at least go 'shopping' in my stash to see what calls to me.

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Nic said...

That's so cute - I love the SB sheep.