15 January 2010

Current WIP: Love Crazy - Lizzie Kate

WIP: Love Crazy (15-Jan-10)
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Since I put the finishing stitches in LK's ABC Christmas earlier this week, I started on a new project straightaway. Another LK piece - Love Crazy.

This is my progress after a couple nights stitching. I'm stitching this on a hand-dyed Jobelan - Pink Dahlia, I think it is. A little annoyed that I ran out of the pink floss to finish the "e" square. Guess it's a good thing a trip to the LNS to meet up with my Metrostitcher pals next week is planned.

I've been down for the count the past couple days - finally got the the doctor and have a dx: bladder infection. It's really zapped me of all energy - I've spent so much time in bed of late, it's the last place I want to be. Hopefully the antibiotic the doctor gave me will work it's magic and I'll be back to normal in a few days.

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