22 December 2009

Dogs For Hire

first snow of season - 12/20/09
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Should a jolly old fella in a red suit find one of The Eight calls out sick on Christmas Eve, I've got two replacements ready and able to take their place here -- on Suki, on Tara, dash away all!

Took the girls out for their morning walk today. Normally it's a lazy stroll, but for some reason this morning the two of them were in tandem, rushing around the block, making me do double time. For crying out loud, it's 6:30 AM, it's dark, it's cold, I'm still half asleep -- slow down dogs!

As much as I kvetch, the quick pace and the brisk morning air combined for a nice walk. Now I just have to take a shower to warm up my tootsies. I really must invest in a pair of 'practical' winter boots. Those with 3+ inch heels truly have no place in this snow and ice that we have now.

20 December 2009

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas...

first snow of season - 12/20/09
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We got snow! Somewhere in the vicinity of 20" of the lovely, powdery white stuff. I love it. Well, except the shoveling bit. I was out about 3 times yesterday throughout the day, trying to keep up, but by 9 PM, I had enough and said I'd tackle the rest in the morning. Woke up this morning to around 10" of new snow. Ugh.

It's lovely now though -- and for the first time in I don't know how long, we will have a White Christmas here. The temps are supposed to warm up throughout the week, but there's enough snow that this won't be going anywhere for a long time.

My car has been dug out, the driveway clear and a path to the front door made. Now I can enjoy a couple of the chocolate chip cookies I made yesterday. I think I've earned them.

18 December 2009

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

Self Portrait - 12/12/09
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The first big snowstorm of the season is bearing down on us - by this time tomorrow, we *should* have significant snowfall. Guess I'll be out shoveling at some point.

Just hoping that it holds off enough for me to get to the gym in the morning the supermarket. Maybe a stop at the liquor store too -- just to make sure we've got some potent potables in the house.

For my fellow east coaster - stay warm, stay safe and snuggle up under the covers with a loved one.

10 December 2009

Stitching Update

WIP: ABC Christmas (10-Dec-09)
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Since the broken finger incident prior to Thanksgiving, I haven't been working as diligently on this piece, but I did put a little effort into it this week thanks to a Stitch-n-Bitch session at the office. So close and I'd really like to get this complete and ready for display this Christmas.

It doesn't really look like I've accomplished much since the last update - a lot of "fill-in" work and some oddball stitches here and there. I am off tomorrow, so perhaps I'll finish up that top row and then be able to concentrate on the lower right corner and get it done.

05 December 2009

Here Come the Holidays

Christmas 2009
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Just under a week to Chanukkah and under 3 weeks to Christmas. Oy! The tree is finally decorated and my holiday shopping is complete. Thank you etsy!

I'm continuing to plug away on Lizzie Kate's ABC Christmas, though there isn't much progress since I broke my finger, hence, no photo update. If the finger injury wasn't enough, this week I went to the doc to have the pain in my knee looked at. Initial thought is tendinitis in the (right) knee. I've been prescribed an anti-inflammatory, if there's no improvement by early in the week, then it's off to the orthopedist. Two years in a row I've been through the revolving door of doctor visits - here's hoping this won't require surgery!

No big plans for us this holiday season. We're looking at going into the city on Christmas Day and catching a Broadway show. I had a look to see what was playing and if I can get decent seats (meaning on the aisle), I think I might pick up tix for 'Jersey Boys.' Of course, growing up my mom's second husband had a passion for Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. I couldn't stand the music back then. Now that I'm older, it's grown on me. Since I stated I wanted to see this show, all I've been doing is singing Frankie Valli songs in my head. "Oh what a night..."

The weather outside is frightful today - cold rain at the moment, though there's a possibility of snow after sunset tonight. I'm ready - even if it doesn't last. There's something magical about snow during the holiday season. However, depending on what forecast I look at our area is due for 1-3 inches of snow or a slushy mix. I hope it's the former -- slushy mix is simply gross.

While the dismal weather means that we can't take the girls to the beach for a frolic on the sand, it gives me a chance to throw a blanket over my lap and stitch to my heart's content. Maybe by next week I'll have this Christmas piece done and be able to head over to Joann's in search for fabric to make it into a wall hanging (or pillow).