31 May 2009

Celebration and Affirmation

If you've been around here long enough, you know that the past year I've worked hard to lose weight. I'm still hovering around the 50 lbs lost total, trying to lose another 15-20 to reach my ultimate goal; however, that's been a battle since my surgery in January.

Today, I went back to WW after being away for two weeks. I hesitated going last week because according the the scale on the ship, I was up several pounds. I didn't want another gain my book, so I held off and worked out diligently this week to ensure that I'd have a loss - hoping for all that I gained, plus some. Whatever I did worked as I was down 2.6 pounds this week - that's just shy of 51 pounds total. Next goal: 55 lbs!

Since starting this weight loss journey, I've become more physically active. I still don't love going to the gym and working out, but I've managed to find activities that interest me and get me there - one of them being yoga. There's a 7:30 AM yoga class each Sunday which I love attending - provided I'm not hurting from the night before. It had been several weeks since I made it out of bed and to the gym in time for this session, but I got there in plenty of time today.

It was the most spectacular session - ever. Not so much for what my body did - I definitely recognized the fact that I hadn't been going regularly for a bit and wasn't as flexible as I had been previously. But, my body responded to most everything and even when I wanted to give up, I was able to push myself a little more and get deeper into the pose.

This particular instructor has (for lack of a better term) 'affirmation cards' that she asks a student to draw one at the end of each session and then she reads it. Yours truly was the lucky one today. The card said (and I'm parapharsing)... "It's never too late to change your body. Diet and exercise will aid you in this journey. Don't let what you eat cause conflict in your life." I was completely relaxed and one with the world after class, but when she read the card I had drawn, it was if a lightning bolt was hurled from the heavens and struck me. If there's anyone who needed that 'reminder' - it was me.

Yesterday, we had lunch at a favorite place - a burger joint. I agreed to go there because they had a grilled chicken wrap that I loved. When we got there, the chicken wrap was no longer on the menu because "not enough people ordered it" and it couldn't be made special. So there I was faced with a choice of burger, burger, or burger. Arrgh! I went with the least harmful option and enjoyed every bite of it, all the while thinking "I sure hope this doesn't screw up my efforts this week." Fortunately, it didn't - I lost, but I still think I might have lost more if I hadn't had that burger.

I've been obsessing with food lately - should I eat this? are there too many carbs in that? is this going to sabotage my efforts?, etc. This affirmation was a message to me that it's okay to let go. Don't let it become a burden to carry. With that in mind, I enjoyed my lunch this afternoon and am ready to face the week ahead.

Nearly 12 hours later, I'm still feeling on top of the world and hoping that this positive train of thought will carry me through the week.

24 May 2009

Alaska Splendor

Ice, Ice Baby
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Just another shot of me on the Alaska cruise - Sawyer Glacier in the background.

We cruised the Tracy Arm fjord and got within 1/4 mile of the glacier before turning around. I took tons of scenic pics, but that's the beauty of a digital camera. Now I have to sort through them to find my favorite.

Oh - I found the most wonderful shop in Victoria: www.artinas.com. It's full of wonderful jewelry goodness made by Canadian or First Nations artists. I could have spent several hours (and dollars) in there, but held out and only bought one piece from The Rave 'N' Iron -- who happens to have a shop on Etsy. Check 'em out and prepare to be dazzled.

23 May 2009

Who Says You Can't Go Home?

Skagway Street Walker
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I'm back! After seven days at sea (6 wonderful, 1 where I curled up in bed and prayed I wouldn't get sick), I've seen Juneau and Skagway, Alaska and Victoria, BC.

Alaska is so hard to describe - majestic, beautiful, vast, stunning, remote... I'm so glad I got a chance to see part of our 49th State. (Corrected because a smarter friend reminded me Hawaii is the 50th state. So much for being a smart Jeopardy champion.) It's hard to believe that this last frontier is actually a part of our nation. One feels like they're in another world - it doesn't quite feel like it's America, except the money is the same and the stars and stripes fly over government buildings.

I'm happy to be home in Jersey though. As much as I liked seeing the small bit of Alaska that I did, I don't want to live there. Seriously - a place that gets 90+ inches of snow per year? Nope - give me the beach here in Jersey and I'm a happy gal.

I'm slowly uploading 500+ plus pics (mostly scenic shots) to my Flickr account today. The first 200+ are there now, more will be coming later. The sun is out, it's a gorgeous day and somewhere the sand along the Jersey Shore is screaming for me.

13 May 2009

All my bags are packed...

I think I'm ready to head out in the morning. Just need to finalize/confirm my ride to the airport and then it's Seattle/Alaska - here I come!

I'm due back the evening of the 22nd - just in time to hit all the Memorial Day weekend traffic down the Parkway. (Gotta love them Bennies!) With the time difference, I'll probably be wide awake and ready to kick off the holiday weekend, but who knows. Worst case scenario is that I'll crash hard on Friday night and be fully rested for the remainder of the weekend.

Not sure if I'll have internet access while I'm away - if I can post photos in the interim, I will, otherwise be looking for them sometime late on the 22nd or early on the 23rd. I'm one who usually uploads them while I'm sleeping -- considering I took 350+ on my Jamaica trip, there's bound to be at least that many from Alaska.

10 May 2009

Mother's Day Ranting

Manasquan Dog Beach - 5/9/09
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I've been in a pissy mood for most of the day - Mother's Day annoys me to no end for a variety of reasons, the main one being that I'm not a mother except to my 'girls' here.

I've slowly come to terms with being child-free and recently realized just how much I like it. I'm able to pick up and go on vacation whenever I want, do whatever I want to do without having to work around a child's schedule, etc. Maybe that's a bit self-centered, but considering I'll be 42 in the fall, I'm okay with it.

At one time I desperately wanted children, but a series of events pretty much erased my chances. At this point, I don't feel like trying to have a baby, let alone adopt one. I'm too old and settled in my lifestyle to have a child cramp my style. Oh granted, one makes sacrifices, but I'm not willing to make them at this time. I like the life I have now and don't want to change a thing.

Today, Mother's Day, I've been thinking about the 'what ifs' too much rather than focusing on the good things in my life and it's put me in a shitty mood. I have a lovely house, a charming husband, and a wonderful menagerie of dogs and cats. I have a charmed life, even without children. But still, I wonder if the choices I made earlier in my life would have made me feel differently.

While moms across the country are being showered with cards/gifts and being wined and dined today, I'm sitting here having a pity party for myself. Why? I've got a charmed life - maybe not perfect, but it's good. Wondering if I'm not just a wee bit jealous?

03 May 2009

Inked Again

Lotus Tattoo - May 2009
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After 10 years with no new ink, I've gone under the needle twice within 6 days.

While I love my tricolor shamrock, I'm totally enamored of this piece. It's quite large, covering a significant portion of my upper shoulder and I love catching a glimpse of it in the mirror as I'm primping in the mornings. I've gotten several positive comments on it from friends and strangers over the past two days. I wish that I could see it myself, but just knowing it's there puts a big smile on my face.

What's next? Well, nothing in the immediate future. I'm going to have an old tattoo on my right shoulder covered up eventually - most likely a rose in the spot, about the same size as the lotus. However, if another flower (i.e. chrysanthemum or peony) would do the job, I'd rather go that route. We'll see. I'm not in any rush to get more ink -- but I figure I'll have it done before the end of the year.