27 April 2009

50 Down, 16 To Go

Manasquan Dog Beach - April 2009
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Just thirteen months after starting my Weight Watchers journey, I'm down 50.4 pounds and looking at another 16 to reach goal.

For those who don't remember me before (and honestly, I really don't want to), you can find photos of me along my journey here. It's not been easy and at times I wanted to throw in the towel, but I've come a long way and I'm bound to see it through to the end. The pictures are motivation for me - this one was shot on Saturday at the dog beach in Manasquan.

Hoping that my new bathing suit arrives today -- I went crazy and ordered not one, but two bikinis for the summer. From a gal who used to wear big baggy stuff to cover everything up, I'm ready to bare almost everything. I just need to keep working on those abs and my arms now.

Have a great Monday wherever you are. The Jersey Shore is still in the throes of a summer-like heatwave (in April!) and I'm dressed lightly. I've got a feeling the office is going to be a sweat box today. Ugh. (But on a positive note, I'll lose weight by sweating?)

26 April 2009

Celebratory Ink

New Ink - April 2009
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To celebrate losing 50 pounds, I went out and got a new tattoo. In reality, it was something I had been wanting a while, but it just coordinated with the timing of me losing 50 pounds and the annual WW fashion show.

I'd been researching tattoo artists here on the Jersey Shore for a bit - trying to find someone to do the work. A week or so ago, Mark and I were at Kelly's for dinner and I asked our waiter where he was inked. He gave me a card for a guy up in the Highlands and I put it in my pocket. On Friday night, we were back at Kelly's, on the patio, and I noticed a guy across the bar and thought it was Jay - the artist whose card I had in my bag. Turned out it was and I had a nice conversation with him, showing him a photo of what I wanted. He told me he could do it and to give him a call.

On Saturday, I phoned the shop and he said he could do the work about 5 PM. So I went up to the Highlands (what a schlepp from my home) and after filling out the paperwork, I sat down in the chair and let him go to work. About 25-30 minutes - and a horrific reggae version of Hotel California - later it was done.

This photo was taken about 26 hours after -- I'm quite happy with how it came out. The original pic I had was a solid green shamrock, but I wanted the colors of the Irish flag instead. I'm most likely going to go back to Jay for some more work -- I want to have the tattoo on my shoulder covered up with something new. That will probably be the next work I have done. After that, who knows. Mark wants me to stop, but like potato chips, you can't just have one.

As of today, I've lost 50.4 pounds in just over 13 months. I've gone from a size 18/20 to a 10/12. I have 16 more pounds to go to reach Weight Watchers goal -- hoping that I'll make it by July 4th. But if I don't, it's okay. I've had a few roadblocks and detours already, so I'll get there eventually. I think I'd actually like to lose another 25 pounds but we'll see what I feel like when I lose the next 16. I'm wearing sizes that I haven't worn since before I was married and it feels great.

16 April 2009

A is for Attitude

Jamaica 2009
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Over the past year, I've successfully lost nearly 50 pounds. Actually, I was at that magic number in March, but gained a bit of it back before Easter/Passover and have been working hard to get back to that milestone. Today, I'm down another 4.6 pounds - back to a total of 47 pounds in all.

A few weeks ago, a friend gave me a picture of myself from 2004. When I first looked at it, I didn't recognize myself. Who was that girl with the round face and chubby arms? When I realized it was me, I was horrified. I really was F-A-T. Five years later and 40+ pounds less, I am proud of who I am and how far I've come on my journey. I never quite believed that Weight Watchers would work for me. I tried it prior to my wedding in 1999 and lost about 15 pounds before giving up.

My one year WW anniversary was March 15th. I celebrated with my group, even though I had a slight gain that week. I am so appreciative of their support and encouragement. I couldn't have made this journey without them to hold me while I struggled, pick me up and put me back on the path when I stumble, and most of all for sharing their Sunday mornings with me.

This past week I had an epiphany of sorts. I decided it was time for the old, self-loathing Marci to finally pack her bags and go. It was time for Marci to realize that she is beautiful, she is sexy, and she has a lot to offer the world. It was time to put Marci first. I invested in some new, sexy unmentionables, went to Brazil (if you get my drift) and had my nails done. It's time to show off my assets - and not hide under baggy, frumpy clothes.

My new mantra is "nothing tastes as good as being sexy feels" and even though I've got another 25 pounds or so until I reach my goal, I've decided that I am sexy as I am. I believe is more than just a physical state, but a mental state as well. I'm working that attitude - and will continue to do so until I reach my ultimate goal.