22 December 2009

Dogs For Hire

first snow of season - 12/20/09
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Should a jolly old fella in a red suit find one of The Eight calls out sick on Christmas Eve, I've got two replacements ready and able to take their place here -- on Suki, on Tara, dash away all!

Took the girls out for their morning walk today. Normally it's a lazy stroll, but for some reason this morning the two of them were in tandem, rushing around the block, making me do double time. For crying out loud, it's 6:30 AM, it's dark, it's cold, I'm still half asleep -- slow down dogs!

As much as I kvetch, the quick pace and the brisk morning air combined for a nice walk. Now I just have to take a shower to warm up my tootsies. I really must invest in a pair of 'practical' winter boots. Those with 3+ inch heels truly have no place in this snow and ice that we have now.

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