02 November 2009

With My Needle

WIP: ABC Christmas (01-Nov-09)
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Last night was like old times again -- baseball on the telly, needle in my hand.

This is Lizzie Kate's ABC Christmas and my progress through an afternoon of football and an evening of baseball. As I said in an earlier post, it's my first time working with the Crescent Color threads and I like them. (I knew Sharon through a stitching group online and remember when she first started dyeing her threads -- amazing to see what a successful business it turned out to be for her.)

I pulled my DMC threads for Paradise Lost - out of the bajillion needed, I only had 5. Glad I got that Michael's gift card from my stitch-n-bitch co-workers -- know what I'll be using it for. Also did the calculations - on 28 count fabric, it's gonna be 30 inches by 16 inches. Wowsa! Gotta figure out whether I am gonna use a Q-Snap or scroll bars for that project -- and hope I've got a big enough cut of appropriate fabric somewhere in my stash.

Now that the crafty bug has bitten, I wish that I could stay home and stitch all day. Unfortunately, work beckons.

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