21 November 2009

Wall of Pink

Fall 2009
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One of the things I managed to accomplish this weekend was hanging up the pix and artwork that I had to take off the wall when we had the house repainted - in August. (So it's taken me three months...)

This is my 'wall of pink' in the living room, in what's been my stitching corner. The piece on the left is Cherry Heart by Shepherd's Bush, the one on the right is Drawn Thread's Cloister Garden. The heart piece in the center is another Drawn Thread design, if I remember correctly but I can't remember the name of the design off the top of my head.

The floral arrangement I picked up at a craft show in Toms River a couple years ago. To me, it just adds a little something to this comfortable corner where I can pull out my needlework and stitch away to my hearts content.

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