09 November 2009

Update: One Week

WIP: ABC Christmas (09-Nov-09)
Originally uploaded by MarciNYC

Thanks to football and the World Series, I managed to get quite a bit stitched up this past week. I actually had to frog a big section (lights - mistletoe AND ice skate - joy) because I was off two stitches. Ugh. But during the intense games, it was much easier to frog than to pay attention to what I was stitching.

It's been a lot of fun to stitch - despite the frogging - and I hope to have it competed before Thanksgiving. Since framing is outrageously expensive and I'd like to display this piece over the holidays, I'm thinking that it might just become a wall hanging providing I can find a fabric I like (and make the time to put it together).

Still haven't pulled or ordered fabric for Paradise Lost. Have the threads ready, so will probably do so on Friday (payday).


Nic said...

It looks fab!

I'm thinking of splashing out on the other ABC one of hers - I might be allowed to display that, given that DB is allergic to Christmas and all! I'm just going to have to get my fix admiring yours!

Valerie said...

Marci, framing it yourself isn't terribly expensive. You can pick up a mat cutter (handheld) for under $10-20 and mat board for under $5-10, which lasts more than one frame. You can probably find a tute online to show how to cut the mat board. Haunt the sales at craft stores; frames are almost always on sale. Ed takes photos and we can mat and frame something usually for about $20 if it's 16x20 or smaller, including a frame.