15 November 2009

Suki's New Sweater

Suki's New Sweater
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Yep, I've become 'one of those people' who dresses her dog in a sweater.

La Petite Cujo got a haircut on Friday -- that evening and Saturday morning she was shivering, so Mark insisted that our little girl needed a sweater. An adventure at Petco ensued -- I tried a variety of garments on her, she tried to bite my hand. We ended up with this one - it's a little large for her, but it's easy to get on and get her 'arms' in the sleeves. Plus it's pink, so you know *I* like it.

Of course, the weather improved and she didn't need to wear it after Saturday. But considering she is shaved, I think she'll be grateful for the warmth once it cools off again.

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