16 November 2009

Another Week, Another Visit from the Frog

WIP: ABC Christmas (16-Nov-09)
Originally uploaded by MarciNYC

Although I've made some progress on LK's ABC Christmas, I had another visit from Senor Frog. Just when I think I'm on a roll, I notice a mistake -- and the perfectionist that I am just can't leave it there and has to rip it out.

I am still having fun working on this piece and figure with the football this weekend and Thanksgiving Day, I should be done with it before the end of the month. (Provided froggy doesn't come a courting again, uh huh.) I frogged during Sunday Night Football -- once I got tired, I made stupid counting mistakes. So considering it's past 9 PM here now, I've put the needlework away and am concentrating on emails and football (and blogging).

There's no news to report on Paradise Lost. I'm still looking for fabric - but not making a dedicated effort. I did a little window shopping at some online needlework shops. Yea, my list of things I 'need' has gotten a bit longer. Me thinks I should just go shopping in my stash before buying anything more.

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