31 October 2009

Trick or Treat

Tara - Halloween 2009
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It's a been a busy day here.

This morning I ran up north to Tawny's (officially known as Where Victoria's Angels Stitch) for a little stash enhancement. I had seen someone stitching Plum Street Sampler's Paradise Lost on another blog and had to have it. Couldn't believe the price of the chart - $22. Sheesh. But I bought it anyhow. Also picked up Lizzie Kate's ABC Christmas and fabric as well.

Tara and I sat outside and handed out candy to the freeloaders - uh, trick-or-treaters, this afternoon. I am simply amazed at how many kids are 'grabby grabby' and the lack of manners. Mark and I got in a bit of an argument. I insist that the kids say 'trick or treat' - otherwise, I don't give them candy. I also don't like grabbers and will pull the bowl out of reach. He thinks I'm being 'mean and nasty' - I think, my house, my generosity, you play by my rules. Oh my God, I'm becoming the bitchy woman on the block. (Ok, that's not too much of a stretch.)

Chilling out watching Game 3 of the World Series now -- doesn't look too good for Yankees, but it's early still. I gotta believe.

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