18 October 2009

Love Me, Love My Dog

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About a year or so ago, Tara, my 16 year old mini Eskie, was diagnosed with chronic bronchitis - COPD for dogs. It's not a death sentence, but it does make living with a wheezing, hacking dog a bit of a challenge.

This has been managed by meds, but lately the coughing fits have increased both in intensity and frequency. Couple that with recurring bouts of diarrhea, I'm beginning to think about the end. Granted, right now, I don't think that she's suffering badly. It's more inconvenient for me to have to get down on my hands and knees each night and scrub the floor. Just when I think I have her back to normal, it comes back with a vengeance.

I have an appointment with the V-E-T on Friday (for her and Stanley, our last cat from Brooklyn) and hope that we'll be able to find a cause and get her back on track. The thought of having to say good-bye to my velcro dog fills me with tears. I know we won't have forever together, but I don't want to let her go sooner than necessary.

So, for my animal lover friends out there, please keep me and my precious Tara in your prayers. I am hoping this is something simple to cure and that she'll be on the rebound in no time. And if it's something serious, I hope that I'll have the strength to do the right thing.


Made by Melissa said...

Good luck! Hugs and snuggles to Tara!

Nic said...

Sending good thoughts your way, and Tara's too.

DebbieJRT said...

Here's hoping for good news for Tara!

Valerie said...

You've got it. Every time I think about losing my elderly girl, I get choked up too, although I think she still has years on her (she's 13). I hope that Tara is with you for a good long time, and that this is just an "episode" for her and she'll get back to herself soon. Please keep me/us informed of how she's doing.