21 October 2009

Baby's Got Blue Eyes

birthday scarf
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Today my stitch-n-bitch pals at work showered me with gifts during our lunch gathering. While I appreciated everything, I am in love with this hand-knit scarf.

Blue has been growing on me of late - every shade from ice blue to a rich cobalt. I was amazed at how this scarf made my eyes just pop. You bet that there's gonna be more blue in this gal's wardrobe from this point forward. Of course, red, pink, and black will continue to feature prominently as well.

Now if it would only cool off a bit so I could wear my scarf... Why is it 70 degrees in late October? I want my crisp, cool autumn days.

1 comment:

Plant Girl said...

Stunning picture, friend! You definitely need to incorporate that color (and other blues) into your wardrobe.