23 May 2009

Who Says You Can't Go Home?

Skagway Street Walker
Originally uploaded by MarciNYC

I'm back! After seven days at sea (6 wonderful, 1 where I curled up in bed and prayed I wouldn't get sick), I've seen Juneau and Skagway, Alaska and Victoria, BC.

Alaska is so hard to describe - majestic, beautiful, vast, stunning, remote... I'm so glad I got a chance to see part of our 49th State. (Corrected because a smarter friend reminded me Hawaii is the 50th state. So much for being a smart Jeopardy champion.) It's hard to believe that this last frontier is actually a part of our nation. One feels like they're in another world - it doesn't quite feel like it's America, except the money is the same and the stars and stripes fly over government buildings.

I'm happy to be home in Jersey though. As much as I liked seeing the small bit of Alaska that I did, I don't want to live there. Seriously - a place that gets 90+ inches of snow per year? Nope - give me the beach here in Jersey and I'm a happy gal.

I'm slowly uploading 500+ plus pics (mostly scenic shots) to my Flickr account today. The first 200+ are there now, more will be coming later. The sun is out, it's a gorgeous day and somewhere the sand along the Jersey Shore is screaming for me.


lorem ipsum said...

Welcome home to the warmer waters of the lower continental U.S. (You look great!)

marci said...

Size 12 jeans, baby! I'm becoming a skinny minnie!