02 March 2009

Snow Dogs

Snow Dogs
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This afternoon, after we shoveled the drive and the plows came through, I took the girls out for their daily constitutional.

The sidewalks in the neighborhood were not completely cleared so we walked along the road until the homestretch, when I let the girls bound through the snow. We had approximately a foot of snow which came up to the dogs' chests.

Tara (our Eskie, front) is a southern gal -- she came up to New Jersey from Florida last year via the Eskie railroad. We aren't sure how much snow she's seen in her life; she's not been too fond of the little bit we've had so far this winter. I was excited to put her out in significant snow today. She was a trooper, bounding through it to get to a 'dry' spot.

Suki (PomX, rear) doesn't really like to go out in the snow either, but once she gets there, she'll plop down in a drift and start grooming. She was more reserved on the walk -- taking her time through the snow as compared to Tara.

Both dogs were glad to get on dry ground once again and into the warm house. They're both zonked out on the sofa near me now -- I guess the walk around the block was more tiring than usual.

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LINDSAY said...

Hi Marci,

thanks for stopping by my blog! I appreciate your input. You are right, Detroit gives Michigan a bad rep. Much of the state is beautiful. I think if we move now I might now LOVE it, but I'd be glad I did it in a few years. With house prices falling, alot of people that lived south of 8 mile can now afford to move north. We are at 10 mile. So it's not that far away, and I want to make sure my kids still have a safe neighborhood in few years.

btw- I just noticed your weightloss tracker at the top! Congrats!!! That's awesome. Very good for you. :)