16 February 2009

Let's Get Physical

Sorry if you've got Olivia Newton John's song running through your head now... I actually heard it on the radio the other day and groaned. I used to like ONJ, but some of her later stuff was c-r-a-p.

Anyhow, after 4 weeks of inactivity, I went back to the gym today. Initially I though I'd go early this morning to the Centergy class, but I was a slacker and didn't get out the door until early evening, making a yoga class. It was fabulous to get back. I was a bit worried about being 'out of shape' and not able to twist and move my body in some of the yoga poses, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well I did. Some poses were easy-peasy and others were challenging, but not impossible. Even the balancing poses weren't difficult -- but then it wasn't a difficult pose to begin with.

I did learn that my favorite Friday morning yoga instructor has left. The women who told me weren't sure if it was a permanent thing or if she would be back in due time. So I tried tonight's class and was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked the instructor. The class was quite crowded, but I'll work this class into my routine. Plus, the Sunday morning yoga class is back -- I enjoyed that one as well, so I'll check out the new instructor this Sunday and determine if I will work that into my workout schedule as well.

I put on 4+ pounds this past week - I was not being honest with myself about what I was eating. I'm back on the wagon again and tracking everything. Even today, I made a few not-so-great choices, but I accounted for them. (No more boxes of Girl Scout cookies, no matter how good they taste.) I will be packing a 'for later' bag to take with me to the office which I hope will keep me from searching out less healthy choices to snack on.

Between eating smartly and getting back to the gym on a regular basis, I hope to reverse this weight gain. We leave for Jamaica in four weeks -- I'd love to be down another 5-10 lbs by then, or at the very least, not gain anymore. I'm ready to get away from the cold -- looking forward to sun and surf.

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Plant Girl said...

Getting back to the gym was super hard for me after my surgery. I'm not sure why but I just struggled to find the motivation.

Good for you for getting back! And hide those GS cookies -- they're dangerous! ;) I can't even let them in my house. LOL.