23 June 2008

Non, je ne regrette rien

Last night, I finally sat down and watched La Vie en Rose on the small screen. Wow! I was duly impressed by Marion Cotillard's performance - that Oscar was well deserved.

As for the movie itself - a bit disjointed, but still enjoyable. After several years of French (and an instructor who was a fan of Piaf), I know the story of Edith Piaf which was beneficial in watching this film. For those not familiar with her life, I think it might have been a wee bit confusing. Still, I was moved by the movie and found my eyes misty when the credits rolled.

Mark and I did not visit Père-Lachaise Cemetery while we were in Paris -- something that I intend to correct next time we are there. Not that a trip to Paris is planned anytime soon, but it's one of the few touristy places in Paris that we haven't visited.

22 June 2008

Whew! What a Weekend

Well, it's Sunday night - I've watched all the movies from Netflix, everything on the DVR, and finished off my library books. Somewhere in between all this I've managed to hit the beach and take the dogs for a walk around the reservoir.

Dropped my car off at the garage on Saturday morning. When I get her back at the end of the week she'll be good as new - no more cockeyed door. Picked up my rental car afterwards - it's a black Toyota Yaris and it's interesting. The speedometer is in the middle of the dash and is rather distracting. I want to glance down at it, but instead my eyes have to dart left to see how fast I'm going. It's a bare bones model - no power locks, no power windows, no cruise control. I can deal with the locks and windows, but I really miss the cruise control on the highway. Still, not a bad little car -- it'll do me until I get the Sentra back.

Dropped another pound this week, despite having a decadent Italian dinner with our neighbors on Saturday evening. I had a glass of wine (Pinot Grigio) for the first time since starting Weight Watchers - it was lovely, but one glass was enough as I was driving. I still have some leftovers from dinner, so I figure I'll warm them up for lunch tomorrow.

I'm just shy of reaching 25 pounds lost since mid-March; was slightly disappointed I didn't do it this week. I'm debating whether or not to join the gym -- I hate paying money for something that I may or may not use. I start off with great intentions, but then peter out. I really need to look into it and see if I can find a place that will let me go month-to-month and offers classes that I'm interested. I truly loathe most aerobic classes, but I'm interested in yoga. I think. That'll be my project over the next couple of weeks -- just to see if I can find something close that works for me. I generally hate most gyms because they're meat markets -- so not into that scene. But I know if I want to continue to loss and firm up, I need to do something.

The rain finally arrived this afternoon - a steady shower with a lot of rumbling, but not nearly the severe t-storms they were predicting. It's not too hot, but a bit muggy so I put the air back on. It feels nice right now - perfect sleeping weather. Rain is forecast for the next couple days - of course. The day I have to go back to work, the weather turns nice. Ain't that the same old story?

20 June 2008

I'm Henry VIII, I Am...

Last night I started to watch Season 1 of Showtime's The Tudors. I'm just a wee bit obsessed with Hank and his wives, so I was disappointed when we got rid of the premium channels and I wasn't able to watch this during its initial run. After three episodes, I'm over that disappointment.

The show is interesting, to say the least. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to the liberties taken with history/characters. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, while easy on the eyes, is not Henry VIII to me. He just doesn't have the presence that I expected Henry would have -- he's dwarfed by so many other characters. Now the man playing Duke of Buckingham -- that's who should have played Henry.

The one positive comment - Sam Neill as Wolsey is perfectly cast. I'm already disliking him as much as I'm feeling pity for Thomas More. Whether that's from the show or just the fact that I know their history, I'm not sure.

The bad thing about watching The Tudors is like Titanic, you know what's going to happen. Or do you? With all the historical inaccuracies to date, perhaps not. Maybe in this version, Anne Boleyn won't be beheaded. *grin* (Yea, I know they got that right in Season 2.)

Although it's dreadful, I haven't removed the rest of Season 1 from my Netflix queue. I'm just wondering how much raunchier it can get -- did people *really* run around in dishabille all the time in Henry's court? I swear, I've seen more T&A in three episodes of The Tudors than I've seen in everything else I've watched year-to-date combined.

17 June 2008

It You Can't Fix It, Duct It!

Duct It
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Here's the temporary fix on the Sentra compliments of my neighbor. (He apologized for not being able to find his red tape.) It'll keep out the rain, if we ever get any that they've been predicting.

I'll drop the car off next Monday to the body shop -- then I'll get it back four days later. I'll have to rent a car in the interim, so we'll use that to schlepp back and forth to the beach. Why put miles on Mark's car when we can put it on a rental.

Still feeling pretty stupid about the whole accident. But I'm able to laugh about it more now.

15 June 2008

Random Acts of Stupidity

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Yesterday, while installing my new Sirius receiver in my car, I decided that I needed to work on it in the driveway and not the garage. Started up the car, put it into reverse and next thing you heard... BANG! Apparently, my rear passenger door wasn't closed/fully closed and I hit the rail/wall of the garage as I was backing out.

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Mark and our neighbor came rushing over to see what I did. Mark spouted out Forrest Gump to me. "Stupid is as stupid does." (If I didn't hate that movie already, I would now.) My neighbor managed to get the door shut, but as you can see, there's a significant gap that will make driving in the rain rather less than pleasant. The rail for the garage door will need to be replaced as well -- but as a temporary fix, it's been bent back into place and I'm able to open and close the garage door.

I called the insurance company to report it -- thankfully the woman who took my call didn't laugh at me. I'm sure she's heard plenty of other stupid accident reports. A claims adjuster should be out tomorrow (Monday) to look at the car. Tara inspected the damage this afternoon and gave me a look like what the heck did you do?

I'm embarrassed by my stupidity, but this is why we have insurance. Right? At least I didn't take the door off completely. I suppose that's the bright side of things.

12 June 2008

Blast from the Past

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OMG! Permed hair! The horror!

One of my dear friends found this snapshot which she took from our days at IU - Autumn 1989. I can almost remember those jeans and sweatshirt; give me a bit of time and I will. It's funny looking at myself from way back when - in some ways, I haven't changed except that I'm not nearly as thin -- bu then I didn't think I was particularly skinny back then, either.

Pretty much the same haircut -- except I lack the waves these day. Wonder where those jeans are and how much more weight I have to lose before I could fit in them again.

It took me awhile to figure out who the man in the photo in my hand is -- someone we met out at the Peanut Barrell while we were out celebrating a birthday or two. I probably have that photo in my archives somewhere.

11 June 2008

Spring in Bloom

Lillies 2008
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Despite the heatwave that gripped this part of the country the past few days, my garden is blooming.

The yellow lily bloomed a week or so ago, but over the weekend this red lily and my orange lily burst into flower. Today was the first day I was able to spend time outdoors to snap a few photos.


09 June 2008

The Amazing Rebound Dog

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I don't know how he does it, but Henry continues to amaze me. One day he's on his last legs and the next day, he's young and spry again.

Yesterday morning he was moping around, all stiff and not really wanting to move around much. However, by evening, when I took him for a walk after the sun started to go down, he was much more active. We walked around the whole block -- something he hasn't done in the better part of a week -- with no problems. He wasn't lagging behind at all but he wasn't out in front as the leader of the pack either. Still, it was a positive thing to see him peppy like that, if even for just an evening.

While I know he won't be with us forever and that the time to say farewell might be sooner than we'd like, I cherish these moments when he's back to the dog he was when we first adopted him. The good days and bad days seem to balance one another for now - when the bad days outnumber the good days, then we'll need to come to a decision. Until then, I'm enjoying my time with my precious dog.

For all off you sending good thoughts for Henry - please keep them coming. I truly believe those good/healing thoughts make a difference.

08 June 2008

A Day at the Beach

Spring Lake - Summer 2008
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Mark and I spent yesterday at the beach in Spring Lake.

Despite the record temps (I think I heard 94F), the beach was not that crowded. It was significantly cooler when we arrived in Spring Lake around 11 AM than it was in our backyard. The breeze was blowing off the water making it a bit chilly under the beach umbrella. I kept mine up for about 20 minutes before putting it down and going for a walk.

Mark and I walked for close to an hour along the water's edge and part way along the boardwalk on the way back. I snapped my share of photos along the way, both of us and of the beautiful houses in Spring Lake. (One day, if I hit the lottery, I WILL own a place in this town.)

For my first foray on the beach this season, I used the new 70+ SPF spray from Coppertone. It worked well - there's only one patch along my shin that got too much sun and is lobster red. I still haven't figured that one out -- I sprayed both legs thoroughly. Go figure. Mark, on the other hand, used the 30 SPF spray and missed the spot above his knees that when standing, his trunks cover. He was quite red and (his words) "in pain" last night.

Today's supposed to be another hot one (95F forecasted, feels like 100+) yet we're planning to hit the Belmar Seafood Festival. Despite being only a block from the beach, the fryers and grills in the food vendor stands will have the park heated up like an oven. I'm hoping we can get our crab cake and lobster cake cravings satisfied quickly and not hang out too long. Needless to say, I'll be wearing loose, light clothing, plenty of sunscreen and my Blossom hat.

06 June 2008

Red Shoes

Red Shoes
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My friends know my passion for shoes (no matter how fat or thin you are, you can always find shoes!), but I don't know how many of them know that red shoes are my ultimate passion.

It's been several years since I owned any red shoes - primarily because I'm cheap. After years of selling shoes and getting them after markdowns and then an employee discount on top of the clearance price made me loathe to pay more than $25-30 for a pair of shoes, no matter how cute. So while I've seen some lovely red shoes since then, the price tag always scared me away.

When Mom was out visiting over the Memorial Day weekend, we went to DSW to find me a pair of shoes for the wedding I'm standing in later this year. I saw a pair of red patent leather shoes that I loved, but once again balked at the price, even though they were on the clearance rack. (Never mind that I paid full price for a pair of Merrell thongs.)

As I needed to kill some time between work and driving to lovely Trenton to pick Mark up yesterday, I decided to go back to DSW and see if those shoes were still there. I figured I'd celebrate hitting my 10% weight loss goal and buy them. They weren't but these lovely shoes were there instead. Tried them on and just loved them. They're perfect for summer, but I'm certain Mark is going to roll his eyes at my red shoes. Tough -- he doesn't like my Crocs either, but I wear them frequently.

Unfortunately, there's not a DSW close to my house (it's a 20-25 mile drive to the two closest stores), but I figure once in a while I'll stop in to see what new shoes - red or otherwise - are there for me. I'm just happy that I have a pair of red shoes again to spice up the boring black and brown shoes that are in my closet. I've got a feeling more red shoes are in my future.

05 June 2008

A Gift from the Heart

DC Special
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Mark went to Washington (DC) this week for a work conference. On Tuesday night, I got a phone call from him that went something like this:

Mark: I got you some beads tonight.

Really? Where?


Where's that?

Across from Biddy Mulligan's.

Are they big bead or little beads?

Little, I guess. I hope you like them.
Now, to be honest, I was a bit skeptical about what sort of beads he was buying me. Never in my life would I imagine he'd step into a bead shop without me dragging him in behind me, let alone him purchase something. The past two days I've been anxiously awaiting his return home so I could see the booty. I got them tonight and was delighted! They're not huge, but they're not tiny either. He picked out six matching pairs -- and I've already got ideas for some of them.

My favorites are the red beads (left side, middle) and the aqua striped (right side, middle) and I'm already contemplating what to do with them. Earrings, obviously. He must know my passion for earrings since he bought in pairs.

It might be a small gesture, but this is one of the best gifts he's ever given me. I'm touched that he walked into a bead store, selected out several pairs of beads and bought them for me. Now I just have to find time to work with them and make some stunning earrings.

03 June 2008

First Flower of the Season

Yellow Lily
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Hooray! My lillies are starting to bloom.

This is one of three which have been in my garden for 3+ years now - there's a yellow, an orange, and a red lily which I purchased as potted plants and then planted them in the flower beds. Originally I had 5-6 plants, but the rabbits (and the weed whacker) got a few of them.

The new bulbs are starting to shoot up - some of those lillies have buds on them and there's green shoots from what ever the other bulbs were. I can't believe I've forgotten what I planted -- lillies and dahlias for certain, but the rest of it will be a surprise to me.

Mark is leaving this afternoon for DC - so it'll be me and the dogs/cats for two nights. While I'm looking forward to it, I'm also a bit bummed that I can't go to DC with him. It's probably been 10 years since I was down there. Maybe next year.

Henry continues to have good days and bad days. When I think he's about to give up the ghost, he rebounds. Still, his back legs are shaky and he stumbles quite a bit, so I'm not sure how much longer he has. Mark and I have discussed it a bit and pretty much agree that we'll do what's best for him. It makes me sad, but he's had a wonderful 2 years with us. With that, I think I'm going to head downstairs and hang out with Hank until I have to leave to drop Mark off and go to work.