29 December 2008

WIP: Living With Charm (Lizzie Kate)

WIP - Week One
Originally uploaded by MarciNYC

Here's my progress after one week of stitching the Lizzie Kate project. The colors in this shot are a bit more accurate than the one from last week. I took this shot in the daylight versus at night last week.

My spacing between Remember and Give is a bit tight, but I didn't want to rip out all the letters in Give, so I just let it be. I had to rip out a significant part of Dream and didn't want a repeat of that.

There are twelve motifs in all, so I'm about 1/3 of the way complete. With the holiday this week, I hope to get a little more done. In fact, I think I'll head downstairs and start prepping dinner and then get to work on Listen and Learn.

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LauraNJ said...

This is looking good, Marci. I haven't seen this design, but I also haven't seen the inside of a needlework shop in forever! Glad to see you stitching again. Happy New Year!