08 December 2008

Tara's First Snow

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...in New Jersey, at least!

We woke yesterday morning to a light dusting. As Tara came from Florida (via the Eskie Railroad) when I adopted her and had lived in Lower Alabma previous to that, I wasn't sure if she had experienced snow in her life.

I opened the patio door yesterday and she and Suki trotted right out. I had to coax both of them off the patio and onto the yard, but once there, Tara acted like nothing was out of the ordinary - doing her business as usual. She did skirt the edges of the yard though once she realized there were some patches without the white stuff.

While Tara took it all in stride, I'm still anxious for some significant snowfall so I can see how she reacts to snow up to her chest. Bring on winter -- I've got my coat, I've got my gloves, and I've got my boots. All I need is snow!

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Plant Girl said...

I know! What was up with snow in NJ over the weekend? I was in south Jersey for the weekend and it snowed pretty hard Saturday night when we were out and about.

We're still mostly snowless here in Idaho. I'm ready for it! It's not the holiday without the white stuff on the ground.