11 December 2008

Mac's Alive!

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Two months ago, we adopted another cat from the Monmouth County SPCA - Mac.

Mac is the quintessential scaredy cat. You just look at him and he gets spooked. He's pretty much hid in his carrier or under our bed since we brought him home, with the exception of feeding or using the litter box.

However, over the past few weeks, he's been venturing out more. He no longer runs when he encounters a two legged resident, but if you turn your back or break eye contact, he'll scamper away to his safe haven. On Tuesday, while I was out back playing with the dogs, I found him sitting next to Stanley, looking wistfully at the leaves blowing about the great outdoors. When the dogs were ready to come back in, Mackey Mac was nowhere to be found.

Last night as I was watching TV, I saw his face pop around the corner and then he strolled into our kitchen. I stood up and he scooted off, hopping over the baby gate into our dining room. My camera was handy, so I snapped a couple shots of him in new places - under the dining room table, next to the living room sofa.

He's still skittish, but he seems to be making progress. He'll sleep on the bed now, let Mark pet him briefly, and explore the house. He's quite a nocturnal creature - and gets the other cats involved in his last night hijinx. I wish he were a cuddlebug like the others, but I don't know if he'll ever completely warm up to humans. We'll give him all the time he needs. I have to think he's much happier here, having a house to patrol versus the cage he was in at the SPCA.

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