10 December 2008

A Gift from the Heart

Wedding Sampler
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Now that the wedding is past and the happy couple are on their honeymoon, I can share the 'top secret' project I've been working on for the past couple months.

I knew from the time Jenn and Kevin announced their engagement, I wanted to stitch them a wedding sampler, but I wasn't keen on the traditional wedding samplers. In June, I did a search on Hoffman's to see what came up and I fell in love with this one by Bent Creek. I ordered it through Elegant Stitch, but for whatever reason, they could not get it in although they ordered it over and over again. With less than three months to go, I began a blitz, calling shop after shop, finally finding the chart at my mom's LNS in Cincinnati. Graciously my mom ran over to the shop, picked up the chart and the required threads and sent them to me.

I hope that Jenn and Kevin will appreciate my gift as much as I enjoyed stitching it. I'm all about handmade gifts from the heart. I chose not to frame it, but to give them a gift card so they can choose a frame to their liking.

As for the particulars - I used the threads called for, but the fabric was a piece of 28 ct Quaker Cloth (Kiwi Illusions - exact color is forgotten, perhaps Merino). All in all, I think it turned out quite lovely.


lorem ipsum said...

Beautiful work, Marci! Truly from the heart (and the hands).

Valerie said...

It is lovely! Well done and I admire your perfection on it. Wow!