14 December 2008

Drive-By Santa: 2008 Edition

Drive By Santa 2008
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Every December, Santa Claus comes riding through the neighborhood on a fire engine. You hear the sirens from miles away and finally the parade comes down your block.

The first year this happened, Mark and I wondered what the heck was going on. We heard sirens for quite a while and when it got loud, I went out to investigate. I was probably about 1/3 of the way down the block when the caravan turned down our street and I came running back to the house to share the news.

The past two years the dogs and I waited outdoors to see Santa. This year I was walking Tara and Suki when Santa stopped a few doors down (the local fire chief's house) so I snapped a few shots there.

It's nearly an hour later and I can still hear the sirens - faintly. The dogs and I didn't make it to get their photos with Santa this year, so I'm glad they got to see him come by, even if they didn't get to sit on his lap and tell them what they want for Christmas.

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