08 November 2008

One Day More

The bags are packed, we've checked in for our flight, and I've confirmed our 4 AM pick-up with the car service. We're ready. Now if Paloma will just stay out of our travel path, everything will be hunky dory.

I'm a bit stressed -- feeling like I've got a million and one things to do before we leave. Mark wasn't helping much saying stuff like "We can finish up in the morning. We'll have time." Don't know about you, but I don't function well at 3 AM -- especially on a short night's sleep.

I'm trying to unwind a bit now before taking the dogs for a last walk and showering before crawling into bed. Mark's been in bed for about an hour already -- he's sleeping. I guess he'll be all bright-eyed and bushy tailed in the morning. I'll be grumbling looking for hot tea.

I drove the car to Philly this morning and left it at the airport for my Mom. She'll be arriving tomorrow to dog/house sit while we're gone. Took the train back to Trenton where Mark picked me up. Not a bad trip -- about 1h, 20m from the airport. Not that I'll do it frequently, but it worked out well this time.

At this time tomorrow, we'll be out to sea and heading towards our Caribbean adventure. I'll have plenty of photos once we're home again. Looking forward to warm weather and hopefully a bit of sunshine.