01 November 2008

Halloween Recap - It's O-V-E-R

Tara - Halloween 2008
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We survived. Tara donned her Indian costume and sat with me as I greeted the trick-or-treaters. Suki, sans costume of course, sat with us and greeted the kidlets with her mighty bark.

I didn't go all out this year with the full size candy bars like I did last year -- instead, I got fun size Tootsie Rolls. Went through a bag and a half, so I'll return the one I didn't open today. (Yea, I'm thrifty.) I purposely held off buying candy until the actual day. I didnt want to be tempted to nibble on it. I did pretty well, until I got some of the mellowcreme pumpkins. (Two pumpkins = 1 point for my WW pals.)

There were an assortment of costumes - my favorite was a little girl dressed as a NY Jets Cheerleader (her first time going trick-or-treating) and her Dad was dressed as Brett Favre (as a Jet). The worst -- a six year old in a burqa who told me she was a "terrorist." I'm still shaking my head over that one.

What really annoys me and has me to the point of turning off my light and never giving out candy again is the lack of manners some kids have. Several rang my doorbell and when I didn't answer immediately, they bolted to the next house. Fine - you don't want to wait, that's okay with me. But what really burns me up is that I open the door and they stand there looking at me. When I ask what do you say they stare at me. If you want candy, you better well say 'Trick or Treat'. Or the kids who start grabbing for the candy. Geez louise.

I'm grateful for the parents who come up the drive with their children and remind them of Halloween ettiquette. Or the kids who come and say 'Trick or Treat' without prompting and 'thank you' for what I'm handing out. Are simple manners just not taught by parents/guardians any more? I know my Mom would have been there to gently remind me if I neglected to say thanks -- even if I didn't like what given to me.

It's over for another year. Now I hope that people will take down their big obnoxious blow-up Halloween decorations. I do love this holiday, but the blow-up decorations look ridiculous in front of peoples' houses in my neighborhood. Of course, now come the big blow-up Santas, reindeer, snowmen, etc...


Plant Girl said...

The lack of manners was evident here last night too! We had just over 150 kids and I swear that maybe 50 said "Trick or Treat" and only half of that said thank you. I can understand some of the little, little kids not being able to say it but it's maddening when an 8 y/o can't/doesn't say thank you.

My mom would have taken us home immediately if we weren't polite.

lorem ipsum said...

The ones that bug me the most are those who, if you don't answer the door in .3 second, bang on the door with something metal. Brass knuckles?

I got candy and poured it into a bowl, then we left for the outlaws' before we got any trick-or-treaters--then came back late. I'm thankful our pumpkin wasn't bashed in. Guess Mr. Ipsum will enjoy the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!