15 October 2008

Shower Survivor

Jenn's Shower
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It's over!

The big bridal shower was held on Saturday, October 11th and I survived. It was a great success -- the bride had a blast (and I hope she was at least a little bit surprised). So many people, from near and far, showed up. I was amazed we fit them all in the bride's mother's living room, especially with the number of gifts there were!

After stressing for weeks about whether or not I'd make it to the day, I did. The lunch was fabulous -- I still can't stop talking about the pasta salad (fusilli pasta, fresh basil, sundried tomatoes). I don't normally eat pasta salad, but this was the best. pasta. salad. ever. The cake was delicious too - I was quite impressed with Stop & Shop's bakery.

I am relieved it's over now. I feel like I can relax and have a little 'me time' now although there's just a few more engagements I have to deal with before we leave on our cruise in 25 days. I am going to be so glad to board the ship and think about nothing but having fun for 7 days.

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