08 October 2008

Dog Walk 2008

MCSPCA DogWalk 2008
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As promised - pics from the Dog Walk can be found here.

Tara and Suki were both well behaved and made many new friends. Tara met Elwood, the world's ugliest dog. If you have a peek at the pics, you'll see she tried to give Elwood a run for his money with the tongue loll.

Idid meet my fundraising goal (thank you everyone!) and according to the email I received from the SPCA this afternoon, over $125,000 was raised for the shelter. Yea! That means more animals can be saved and housed until their forever home comes along.

Besides the walk around the campus, there were many vendors there selling pet related goodies and others giving away freebies. I got a ton of food samples for the girls to enjoy. In hindsight, I should have had Mark get a bag and fill it up with samples as well.

We also met several dogs available for adoption -- I was particularly drawn to Maud, a beautiful 7 month old black lab. As much as I would have loved to have brought her home with me, I wasn't ready for a puppy. Plus, I don't think the cats would have been too happy to have another 'big' dog. They get along just fine with Suki and Tara - both of whom are less than 20 pounds.

While we were at the shelter on Sunday, we were surprised to find several photos of Henry on their alumni wall of fame. Two were definitely those I sent in, the others were from his time at the shelter and or Santa Paws. (There was the photo of him and Suki at last year's Santa Paws event.) Many of the shelter volunteers remembered Henry and told us how wonderful it was that he spent his last years with us. I sure do miss that dog.

Thanks again for everyone who made a donation to me or Team Henry. As you know, we're big fans of the shelter and adopted another cat from them this week. That's it though - th e zoo is full.

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Stacey said...

This post makes me so happy! I'm thrilled that you met your goal and that the shelter was able to raise much needed funds. Thanks for the update--and the super pix. Yay Team Henry!