06 September 2008

Waiting for Hanna

lucite beads
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I woke up to a cloud covered sky this morning. Took the dogs out to for a morning walk and was hit in the face by an oppressive humidity.

I am anxiously awaiting Hanna's arrival on the hopes that she'll blow through and bring some relief. We could use the rain -- both Mark and I remarked over dinner last night that we can't remember the last time it rained here. Our neighbor's grass is brown, but ours is still green (thanks to the sprinkler system).

I'm enjoying my last weekend of nothingness before the madness starts. After this weekend, I'm pretty much booked solid every weekend with an event either relating to Phi Mu, my friend Jenn's wedding, or football. Granted, going out for pizza at Pete & Elda's on Sunday to watch the football games isn't a hardship, but it really does infringe upon my 'free' time.

We leave for our cruise in a little over 2 months. We finally decided on what we'll do while in St Maarten and I've ordered Mark's tux. I still have several cocktail dresses hanging in my laundry room and need to decide which ones will be going on the ship with me. I bought the pictured lucite beads to make jewelry to go with one of them. Now to sit down and make my jewelry -- it might not be gemstones and gold, but it'll be much more my style and no one else will have anything like it.

I've gone back on the Flex Plan this week and I've struggled a bit. I'm not sure if weigh-in tomorrow will be a plus or a minus. I'm hoping for another loss as I'd really like to hit the 40 pounds lost mark, but if it doesn't happen tomorrow, then I'll just regroup and focus on hitting that target next week. It's just over a month away from my birthday and I'd like to get over that hump and be closer to 50 pounds lost -- which is my goal by the time we leave for the cruise.

It's past noon now and no rain yet - just lots of clouds. Guess I'll take the dogs for a spin around the block one more time. Better to take them out when it's dry -- wet dog smell isn't one of my favorite scents.

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