14 September 2008

Forty Down - Getting Closer to My Goal

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This morning, I weighed in and while I had an inkling it was going to be a good day, I was shocked to have the scale tell me I lost 5.2 pounds this week. Although I was doing Core Plan, I did fall off the wagon a bit this week -- Hershey's Candy Corn Kisses -- but I guess that fall wasn't too far.

Although I promised photos monthly to show off my weight loss, I haven't been too good at keeping to that. This shot was taken last Sunday in Belmar where we went to see what sort of surf TS Hanna was churning up. That's after 35 pounds lost, but it's close enough. If you don't remember what I looked like when I started, you can see pics here.

Last week I purchased some capris/shorts on clearance in a size 14 -- that's a misses 14, not a 14W (women's). I can already get them on and zipped up without sucking in the gut, but they're just a wee bit tight. I'm hoping that 5 more pounds will make them comfortable so i can wear them on the cruise. I've also got two pair of size 12 jeans that a friend sent me and hoping those will fit by the time the colder weather rolls around. It's about 4 weeks to my birthday, so I'm eying 50 lbs lost as a goal by then. I think it's doable.

On the subject of clothes, as I was purging my closet, I came across several items I'd ordered from Coldwater Creek in October 2006. I called them to ensure I could return them and I took the first batch back to the shop on Friday for a $113 credit on my Visa. Woo hoo. I've got a few more things to return to them so I'll probably get another $80 or so back. Sometimes it's worthwhile to clean out your closet afterall.

I'm off to a brunch with my sorority sisters this afternoon, but since I don't know what's on the menu (other than the Ambrosia I'm taking), I'm having a bit to eat here with Mark first. That way if there's nothing appropriate for me, I won't be hungry.


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

You go, my friend! You look fab.

lorem ipsum said...

CONGRATULATIONS! The whole Chgo crew sings your praises and says you look great!

Plant Girl said...

Absolutely fantastic! You look great.

It feels wonderful to fit into smaller sizes, doesn't it? I got into some pants I have fit into in 3 years. I've fallen off the wagon this last week too but need to get back on.

I'm certain you'll make your goal by your birthday!

Nic said...

Well done! That's great going, and I'm sure you'll reach your goal by your birthday :o)