28 September 2008

42 Pounds, 29 Weeks Later

42 Down
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Twenty-nine weeks after I started Weight Watchers, I have lost 42 pounds. To see where I was when I began the journey - go here.

This photo was snapped today at a luncheon with my sorority sisters. The dress I am wearing is one I purchased several weeks ago for our upcoming cruise. It was a bit snug then, today it fit beautifully, if not a little loose in the bosom.

It's not been easy - there have been times that I've felt like giving up, but the idea that I can be a 'hot mama' (okay, forget the fact that I'm only a dog or cat mama) with a little more work keeps me going. My husband has been encouraging in his own way. Of course, even if I lose 100 pounds, I doubt that my bum will ever be small enough for him. I've accepted the fact that I'll never rid myself of my thunder thighs or ample bum. It might be smaller and firmer, but I'll always have curves.

I continue to go to the gym regularly. I've become quite a yoga-holic. I was taking a yoga class every Friday morning, but it was cancelled due to a lack of students. (There needs to be an average of 8 students over 8 weeks, and we were always just under. *sigh*) I chose that class because I really liked the instructor. I tried the Sunday 7:30 AM class again today. There was a new instructor from the last time I took it (in July) and I liked her quite a bit. I think that I'll be back in the groove of taking yoga on Sunday mornings again -- provided I'm not out until the wee hours on Saturday night.

I hoped to make it to 50 pounds lost by my birthday in two weeks but my gain last week threw a crimp in that plan. While I am only eight pounds from reaching that goal, I won't be upset if I don't make it by my 41st birthday. As long as I keep losing, that's fine with me. I just need to stay focused and work towards my ultimate goal - WW lifetime member.


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

You look fabulous, darling! And I'm not trying to sound like Billy Crystal here, either. You really do.

I'm very proud of you!

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Plant Girl said...

You look AMAZING, Marci! Your progress has been fantastic and you will make your goal.

It stinks that you might not make your goal by your birthday, but I'm glad you're plugging along. Don't let a small gain get in the way!

You have been a huge inspiration to me on my WW journey. Congrats on your success so far.

Nic said...

You look great, well done!

alexlady said...

bravo to you. i was doing ww online at the beginning of the year after having done really well on atkins a few years ago, but having not been able to maintain the low carb-osity. i fell off the flexwagon after realizing that, once near my goal weight, i would have so few points! i'm not sure what to do now, but your story is pretty inspiring!

Lisa Clarke said...

42 pounds is amazing! I admire your willpower. I need to lose about 20 or 25 myself, and I just keep yo-yo-ing the same 5 pounds. I probably should join WW or something. It might help to have someone to be accountable to.

And hey, curves are nice! Don't let anybody give you a hard time about an "ample bum" ;-)