06 August 2008

To Quench Your Thirst

Lemon Lime Earrings
Originally uploaded by MarciNYC

Yes, after a few weeks, I finally put some of my bead booty bonanza to use. Just listed in my etsy shop are these pretties. They're lightweight, lovely and all around summery. I feel like a glass of ice cold lemonade (or limeade) right about now.

There's a bajillion other resin beads just screaming for me to put them to good use, but this will have to do for now. My mojo is back - for now - and it's time to get those ideas that are in my head into reality.


Plant Girl said...

Way cute! I love the color combo, but have to admit that I have very little in my wardrobe they could be worn with. ;)

Nic said...

Good to 'see' you've got the urge to bead back!