14 August 2008

Remembering Henry - in stitches

Remembering Henry
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When my mom was visiting over Memorial Day, we took a trip to one of the cross-stitch shops in the area. I saw this chart which reminded me of Henry sitting with his back to us. Of course, the colors of the dog on the chart were different, but I bought it anyhow, knowing that I could customize it to match my beloved pup.

This past weekend, I felt the urge to pull out needle and thread again, so I grabbed this chart and went in search for Henry appropriate colors. While watching Michael Phelps win gold medal after gold medal, I've been stitching away on this piece. I swapped out the entire thread/fabric choices. It was charted with yellows, but I went with the reddish browns instead to capture Henry's coloring.

Now that I've finished the piece, I need to decide what to do with it - frame it, make it into a mini pillow (it's approximately 4.5 inches tall x 2 inches wide), or put it into the drawer under the bed with all my other finished and unframed projects.

The particulars on this piece are:

Designer: Ever So Little
Fabric: 28 ct Light Mocha Cashel Linen
Threads: Weeks Dye Works Hazelnut and Cognac, DMC 801


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Definitely a pillow. That way, you can hug it.

Plant Girl said...

I agree, definitely a pillow. Make sure to put it on a piece of furniture that Henry loved (if there was such a thing).

It's a beautiful piece. What a lovely tribute!

Nic said...

What a nice tribute.

I'd be tempted to finish it as a pinkeep, but that's my own obsession...

Good to see you stitching again!

lorem ipsum said...

That's so lovely! The only concern I'd have about a pillow is that it'd be small enough to become a toy for the others.

Do you have a lot of other pet-inspired cross-stitches? If so, how about a collage on a wall? Kind of like my 'wall of ancestors' in the guest room.

Valerie said...

It's a beautiful rememberance!

I think I'll have to agree on pillow, as someone else said; "That way you can hug it". So true.

gilljen said...

I vote pillow too, Marci! A wonderful idea, Susan.


LauraNJ said...

What a lovely tribute, Marci. I'm so sorry to hear about Henry.

kecia said...

sorry about henry.... it's tough watching our beloveds get older. i just hate it. thanks for commenting about kirby. and i hope stanley's leg is okay. how did he hurt it?