22 June 2008

Whew! What a Weekend

Well, it's Sunday night - I've watched all the movies from Netflix, everything on the DVR, and finished off my library books. Somewhere in between all this I've managed to hit the beach and take the dogs for a walk around the reservoir.

Dropped my car off at the garage on Saturday morning. When I get her back at the end of the week she'll be good as new - no more cockeyed door. Picked up my rental car afterwards - it's a black Toyota Yaris and it's interesting. The speedometer is in the middle of the dash and is rather distracting. I want to glance down at it, but instead my eyes have to dart left to see how fast I'm going. It's a bare bones model - no power locks, no power windows, no cruise control. I can deal with the locks and windows, but I really miss the cruise control on the highway. Still, not a bad little car -- it'll do me until I get the Sentra back.

Dropped another pound this week, despite having a decadent Italian dinner with our neighbors on Saturday evening. I had a glass of wine (Pinot Grigio) for the first time since starting Weight Watchers - it was lovely, but one glass was enough as I was driving. I still have some leftovers from dinner, so I figure I'll warm them up for lunch tomorrow.

I'm just shy of reaching 25 pounds lost since mid-March; was slightly disappointed I didn't do it this week. I'm debating whether or not to join the gym -- I hate paying money for something that I may or may not use. I start off with great intentions, but then peter out. I really need to look into it and see if I can find a place that will let me go month-to-month and offers classes that I'm interested. I truly loathe most aerobic classes, but I'm interested in yoga. I think. That'll be my project over the next couple of weeks -- just to see if I can find something close that works for me. I generally hate most gyms because they're meat markets -- so not into that scene. But I know if I want to continue to loss and firm up, I need to do something.

The rain finally arrived this afternoon - a steady shower with a lot of rumbling, but not nearly the severe t-storms they were predicting. It's not too hot, but a bit muggy so I put the air back on. It feels nice right now - perfect sleeping weather. Rain is forecast for the next couple days - of course. The day I have to go back to work, the weather turns nice. Ain't that the same old story?

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