06 June 2008

Red Shoes

Red Shoes
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My friends know my passion for shoes (no matter how fat or thin you are, you can always find shoes!), but I don't know how many of them know that red shoes are my ultimate passion.

It's been several years since I owned any red shoes - primarily because I'm cheap. After years of selling shoes and getting them after markdowns and then an employee discount on top of the clearance price made me loathe to pay more than $25-30 for a pair of shoes, no matter how cute. So while I've seen some lovely red shoes since then, the price tag always scared me away.

When Mom was out visiting over the Memorial Day weekend, we went to DSW to find me a pair of shoes for the wedding I'm standing in later this year. I saw a pair of red patent leather shoes that I loved, but once again balked at the price, even though they were on the clearance rack. (Never mind that I paid full price for a pair of Merrell thongs.)

As I needed to kill some time between work and driving to lovely Trenton to pick Mark up yesterday, I decided to go back to DSW and see if those shoes were still there. I figured I'd celebrate hitting my 10% weight loss goal and buy them. They weren't but these lovely shoes were there instead. Tried them on and just loved them. They're perfect for summer, but I'm certain Mark is going to roll his eyes at my red shoes. Tough -- he doesn't like my Crocs either, but I wear them frequently.

Unfortunately, there's not a DSW close to my house (it's a 20-25 mile drive to the two closest stores), but I figure once in a while I'll stop in to see what new shoes - red or otherwise - are there for me. I'm just happy that I have a pair of red shoes again to spice up the boring black and brown shoes that are in my closet. I've got a feeling more red shoes are in my future.


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I love shoes, too, but with my hip/knee, I have a hard time finding flats that aren't dowdy. And kitten heels? Forget it. Absent in this part of the galaxy.

lorem ipsum said...

Super cute! I love red shoes too, but the problem is that there are so many different shades of red to choose from--where does one begin?

sheasy said...

Everyone MUST have a pair of red shoes - they go with more outfits than you think. By the way, my favorite pair of red shoes arealso Kenneth Cole and he makes a comfy shoe. BUY!!