15 June 2008

Random Acts of Stupidity

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Yesterday, while installing my new Sirius receiver in my car, I decided that I needed to work on it in the driveway and not the garage. Started up the car, put it into reverse and next thing you heard... BANG! Apparently, my rear passenger door wasn't closed/fully closed and I hit the rail/wall of the garage as I was backing out.

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Mark and our neighbor came rushing over to see what I did. Mark spouted out Forrest Gump to me. "Stupid is as stupid does." (If I didn't hate that movie already, I would now.) My neighbor managed to get the door shut, but as you can see, there's a significant gap that will make driving in the rain rather less than pleasant. The rail for the garage door will need to be replaced as well -- but as a temporary fix, it's been bent back into place and I'm able to open and close the garage door.

I called the insurance company to report it -- thankfully the woman who took my call didn't laugh at me. I'm sure she's heard plenty of other stupid accident reports. A claims adjuster should be out tomorrow (Monday) to look at the car. Tara inspected the damage this afternoon and gave me a look like what the heck did you do?

I'm embarrassed by my stupidity, but this is why we have insurance. Right? At least I didn't take the door off completely. I suppose that's the bright side of things.


lorem ipsum said...

And you were close to home.

And it wasn't snowing.

And yes, you have insurance.

And no one was hurt.

It looks bad, but could've been a LOT worse. I hope soon you'll be able to laugh at it. (I, for my part, have broadsided someone in reverse in a parking lot AND taken off my sideview mirror trying to avoid a garbage can my husband left in the middle of the garage!)

Plant Girl said...

Oh, no! I hope that it won't be terribly expensive to fix and that the weather stays sunny for a while!

If it's any consolation, I took a corner too tightly and hit a pole with the back fender of the new truck the other night. Oops. It was one of those bright yellow ones, in a parking lot. I was terrified to have to come home and tell Cris.