08 June 2008

A Day at the Beach

Spring Lake - Summer 2008
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Mark and I spent yesterday at the beach in Spring Lake.

Despite the record temps (I think I heard 94F), the beach was not that crowded. It was significantly cooler when we arrived in Spring Lake around 11 AM than it was in our backyard. The breeze was blowing off the water making it a bit chilly under the beach umbrella. I kept mine up for about 20 minutes before putting it down and going for a walk.

Mark and I walked for close to an hour along the water's edge and part way along the boardwalk on the way back. I snapped my share of photos along the way, both of us and of the beautiful houses in Spring Lake. (One day, if I hit the lottery, I WILL own a place in this town.)

For my first foray on the beach this season, I used the new 70+ SPF spray from Coppertone. It worked well - there's only one patch along my shin that got too much sun and is lobster red. I still haven't figured that one out -- I sprayed both legs thoroughly. Go figure. Mark, on the other hand, used the 30 SPF spray and missed the spot above his knees that when standing, his trunks cover. He was quite red and (his words) "in pain" last night.

Today's supposed to be another hot one (95F forecasted, feels like 100+) yet we're planning to hit the Belmar Seafood Festival. Despite being only a block from the beach, the fryers and grills in the food vendor stands will have the park heated up like an oven. I'm hoping we can get our crab cake and lobster cake cravings satisfied quickly and not hang out too long. Needless to say, I'll be wearing loose, light clothing, plenty of sunscreen and my Blossom hat.

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